lauantai 3. marraskuuta 2012


I decided that having many blogs at once ain't a good idea, since then posting is rarer in each so I combined all in one now so you can follow fashion, beauty and diy in my lifestyle blog. So go here! :)

tiistai 28. kesäkuuta 2011

Time is passing by...

I remember when that day when I was little and got my first watch. I was soo happy! It was pink(of course) and really girly. But my first watch made me feel like a grown up. Every girl wants to feel like a grown up. Every woman wants to feel like a girl. World is a bit funny. Anyways (not to get more off topic) after awhile every kid started to have a phone and that phone sort of made the watch useless. That's actually really sad.
Few days ago I started wondering (since I seem like having a lot of time to wonder by myself all sort of things, like why bacon tastes so good, why weather is always bad during holidays but rest of the time it's good. Well you get the point!) and I remembered that after awhile of getting my first phone, I didn't use my watch anymore. Once I get my life back on track, I'm gonna start using those weird things again! It's gonna take awhile to get used to watching your watch and not the phone's. Some time ago I saw watches more like a bracelets, well just as a decorations. But they really are classy, useful and pretty at the same time.
So last few days I tried to find a watch that I would love. And I found one! :)

This Guess watch is pretty much perfect! I love combination of golden and black. It's at the same time simple and interesting. I love the part that reminds me of corsets, which I also love a lot. :) Now just need to think for whole next month if it's really the one I would love or can I find something more suitable for myself?

There's actually another one I like too but maybe not as much as the golden one. And of course it's again from Guess. They seem to make a lot of my kind of watches? :P This reminds me more of my boyish side but I think I rather show my girly side. But I can't say that I don't like this one.

perjantai 27. toukokuuta 2011


For first of all I would like to say that I bought these myself and even if this might sound like a commercial for Wonderbra, it's only because I truly love those! :)

In my opinion there's 2 types of women when it comes to bra's. Some don't care about the at all, some are obsessed with great quality. I myself didn't care about those much until I had bought some really really bad ones. By bad ones I mean no proper support, uncomfy over some time and of course they weren't a great boost for self-esteem.
When I received a mail that Wonderbra's are on sale on page called Campadre (no, I didn't get paid or asked to mention it here). I just follow it incase there are some rare things on sale such as Humanity bracelets.
I just thought that oh well since the price isn't bad at all, I could try them. I ordered 2 pretty casual looking ones. 1 is more revealing (fits well with shirts and dresses that have v-cut) and other one is more round shaped.
I love the lace parts of this one ^^
It feels slightly like swimsuit on outer side but I love the red inside! Reminds me of Louboutini's! I wonder why ;)

And all I can say is that I love both of them! Great boost for self-esteem, great support and I got no complain about the materials or anything else :) But I do have one minor complain..... Why there weren't any white or beige bra's in my sizes? Or why no strapless for me? (or maybe I just should look from somewhere else but every other store charges way too much for a student budget).

perjantai 4. helmikuuta 2011


Usually when speaking of shopaholics nobody says it's in their genes. But I do that. When I might be shopping for hours for myself, my mom can do the same but for her kids. I decided to share this one time as an example with you because it always makes me laugh.
We planned to meet up with my mom, but she never showed up! Well 2h after we had to meet I receive a call from my mom saying that she cant decide which one of the shirts she'll buy that's why she was late. Well I wasn't exactly on time myself too. I was late by 1h since I wasn't sure if I want to buy that jacket. When I told this story to my bf, his first reaction was: haha did you need to keep on buying clothes? That's when I told him the rest of story. I didn't buy the jacket. My mom bought both shirts since she wasn't able to decide! So I think I'm not that crazy yet!
Oh yea I have been away for a long time and I mentioned one of the reason on Life, but after I wrote there I got into huge dilemma! Which ain't suprise since we are talking about me. Anyways if you truly want to know what's going on then here it goes: broke up with guy I had been with for 5yrs, dating a guy who just turns my world upside down(We had something also like a year ago while I was the other one), I'll be homeless for atleast half a year unless my mom finds me apartment(When it comes to apartments, I'm totally lost. And all those important papers like tax returns etc. That's a paper that I don't get at all. Not because of my stupidity but because I have no idea what part I should fill and what not. Because when I last dealed with it myself my ex said that it's just a better idea to ask them send me a new one as this one is a goner), I probably won't be homeless, I just tend to overdramatize everything! But I can't wait to share some more stories with you guys here. *huge silence, no audience at all!*

perjantai 29. lokakuuta 2010

A mysterious phone call...

Umm it's weird to get a call from Elle when youre feeling half-dead.
All I could hear was mostly just blah blah. And suddenly I realized that someone has signed up for something as I myself don't really take part in such things. Atleast not that I know.
So whoever is responsible of confusing me, let me know. It's not fun when someone does something to you without you knowing about it.
Now back to bed and look like roadkill...

sunnuntai 17. lokakuuta 2010


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perjantai 15. lokakuuta 2010


I bought this one cute shirt for really cheap price but it's ugly on me! It looks like guy wearing a lace shirt!!! Back side is really really boring. So I thought about making the back look like corset-like.
So any ideas about what color metal parts should be(gold, silver) and the ribbon should be? The shirt is white and really girly! I want it to stay soft, girly and just cute. No rough dominatrix look.
If anyone feels like you need picture of shirt, let me know. I'll post it then.
Front side will have same color ribbon under breasts giving some femine shape to it.